Finding a New Normal..

My boyfriend and I broke up. We’re on good terms and everything. But, I’ve been thinking about how it’s gonna take some time for things to get back to normal. And then, I realized– I don’t know what normal is, lol. Normal for me was him making my day with a text message, checking in throughout the day to see how he’s doing, going out and doing things with him.

That was normal. Now, I have to figure out how to find a new normal.

Not saying my life revolved around the man, because it definitely didn’t. But when you’re so used to speaking to someone, seeing someone, being around them, consulting them, etc..that becomes your normal.

Everything is kinda out of whack right now. And it will be, until I find my new normal.

I think that’s the hard part of breakups. You have to figure out what you did with your life before you shared it with that person.


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