College…for why?

(Yes, for *why.* When it makes so little sense, you can’t apply proper grammar. For. Why?)


Maybe my experience is just so totally different from everyone else’s. But it’s the only experience I truly know.

I’ve always been told, “Go to college and you’ll be able to get a job that you like, or at least get a job in the area of study you spent those four years on.”

But. Here I am. An entire year and some change later… and, nope. No job in my field. And up until the beginning of this year, I was working in the same student position I had been in since my freshman year of college.

What makes it worse, is that I have friends who either didn’t finish, or didn’t go to college at all, and have better jobs than me, make more money, etc. lol. How’s that for irony?

Now, don’t get me wrong– I have a cool job, and I like it. But, I know it’s not what I went to school for. It’s not my passion. And, that’s not something I have control over.

I always tend to get frustrated when people suggest going to grad school as a solution. Umm, if school didn’t work for me the first time…WHY would I want to do the exact same thing again? C’mon. I don’t like school. I don’t want to be a professional student. I want to do something. I want to create. I need a break, a chance. But that feels like it’s not gonna happen.

I think I’m supposed to be a writer..or something. Who really knows at this point. But, I guess this is a start.

I dunno.. I feel like I got got. Went to college, put in my four years. Did more than enough internships to become “a more viable candidate…” but yet..nada!

Oop.. do I sound bitter? Hmmm, maybe..

I’m running out of ideas here.



  1. I totally agree with you! I still haven’t graduated but I end up thinking is there even a point? I will be in debt and still not have the career I’ve always wanted? Smh I say that too me if you’re able to be successful without a degree then go for it, because up to this point there is no logical reasoning for thinking a college degree with a job in your field is even attainable.

  2. I hear and understand your frustration. However, in this present economy, the job situation is dire for everyone, so jobs in your field, that may have happened more readily some years ago, n’t happening so quickly now.
    Additionally, although it may seem like a long time…it really hasn’t been. You are just beginning your journey in the working world and your experience as it stands right now, stands to be entirely different if we check back with you, in say, 5 years. In that time, many doors will probably have opened for you and while you stand to be able to command more money, the friends that you envy – the ones without degrees – they will more than likely be stuck and will have to consider going back to school to command more money.
    Just remember, where you are right now, and even how things are right now, are not how they will always be. Statistically, it is an established FACT that those with degrees make more money than those who do not. The exception to this rule is typically those who go into business for themselves. Running your own business is the best option by far. Other than that, just give things some time. I think you will find that having gotten your degree was a good decision.

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