The Butler & such…

I think The Butler was a great movie—the kind that should be made and shown to every generation. But, I think what made it such a great movie was the fact that it followed one man’s life and his interconnection to the Civil Rights movement. I loved the parallelism of his life vs. his son’s life and how they finally began to start understanding each other. The movie was very well done—totally on the long side, but every scene was relevant and further told the story.

The thing I loved most is that it did not solely focus on the black struggle during the slavery and civil rights era. Those are the movies that I tend to get annoyed with. I actually told myself that I wouldn’t be seeing any more of those movies that only focus on how bad WE were treated by THEM. I don’t have the time to live in the past like that, and get mad over something that not only cannot be changed, but will hinder me from living my life in the now.

I don’t like giving away details since everyone may not have seen it yet, but what makes The Butler movie so different from the others is that you were able to witness the black struggle while also witnessing black prosperity, in a way. This movie teaches work ethic, standing for what you believe in, etc. It doesn’t simply show Blacks getting beat up on (although some of that was in the movie as well), but that was not the focus. The focus was one man. His life. His family. And how that all managed to intertwine with the Civil Rights Movement.

Frankly, I can’t understand why everyone is feeling the need to put out movies solely focusing on the slave and civil rights era. 12 Years a Slave is definitely on my radar, and I just don’t think it’s a movie that I will be seeing. I know the history. I know it was bad. Why must we continue to focus on how bad it WAS. If anything, we should focus on how bad it still IS. Work to change that, to improve the current situation.

Knowing that race relations are much better than they previously were, but still nowhere near ideal, why continue to make movies that highlight how bad things used to be? Why get all riled up over something that happened decades ago? I just feel that these movies that constantly show the mistreatment of black people by white people are overdone. It’s time to move past the past and start on the present and the future.

Agree or disagree, that’s just my two cents.


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  1. I’ve read your script, and I truly believe in your documentary.Well articulated in every concept. If I didn’t know the writer I would have said this is someone with maturity in this field. It is somewhat difficult to forget the past, but we must move on without resurrecting it.We must create new adventures in life with great intuition.I do wish you well, in all your future endeavors .

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