What’s the LARC, anyway?

1 March 2013

The Language Acquisition Resource Center, better known as the LARC, located in GCB 128, is the place that many language students go to study. The LARC offers computer usage, for students to do required recording classwork or for personal homework use; the LARC supplies additional class resources like helpful videos, required films and instructional CDs for classes. Probably the most beneficial, yet most under-used resource in the LARC is the tutoring service. In the back room of the LARC, there is tutoring that is offered for students studying Spanish, Italian, German, French and Japanese.

Deion Smith, a senior at GSU, said that the LARC has become a safe haven for him, because he’s able to study while making friends who are studying the same language as he is. Deion also said that the staff at the LARC are very friendly and helpful.

If you are a GSU student studying languages, make sure to check out the LARC, located in GCB 128. Take advantage of all of the resources that the LARC provides for your studies.


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