Improvements to GSU’s Campus

27 October 2011

While walking down Piedmont Avenue, one can’t help but notice the new GSU symbols in the middle of the pedestrian crosswalks, the construction of Willy’s Mexicana Grill (attached to the Petit Science Center) or the scaffolding attached to the side of Kell Hall. Students often pass by construction work being done at Georgia State without giving it a second glance. But, what is really being done to the infrastructure on campus, and what is it costing students?

Recently, Georgia State has been preoccupied with giving the campus more of a college feel. Extended sidewalks and GSU emblems in the middle of the road have been added to increase the presence of Georgia State in the Atlanta area.

“Most times, you don’t realize you’re on Georgia State’s campus until you see a sign on top of a building. It’s not like a real campus,” said Chris Shattuck, a sophomore writer for The Signal.

James Dutton, the SGA President said, “They are trying to give the campus a more college-like feel. They even plan on adding a green rooftop to the Petit Science Center, where students can just hang out in the grass; play Frisbee.”

Dutton assures students that there is no raise in tuition or student fees for these improvements. “There’s no direct cost to students. Most infrastructure jobs are paid for by bonds from the city of Atlanta,” said Dutton.

Students seem to support the decision to add a more college campus feel to the school. A few students even mentioned that they wouldn’t mind if the money came out of their student fees, if it was a nominal cost.

In addition to the current infrastructure jobs on campus, Dutton said that there will definitely be more to come. Including, but not limited to a few different extensions to the Petit Science Center, more GSU-embellished crosswalks and reconstruction for some of the older buildings around campus.

“It’s a great time to be at GSU; we’re doing some big things,” Dutton concluded.


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