The last time I wrote, it was rather short and distant, because I had been working weird hours all week, for our intern project. Well, I am so glad to say that out of 10 groups, my group won!! All of that hard work really paid off, and I have such a feeling of accomplishment right now. It’s insane!

In other, but completely related news, today is my last day at CBS. It’s pretty sad because I really love it here. But, I will be back! It’s my mission, it’s my goal. I’m just really happy right now because I’m imagining all of the possibilities. I’m SO excited about my future.

I’ll try to write more later, but here’s the link to my the project that won:

And, my anchor version:



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  1. Amazing Courtney! Made me smile watching your anchor version. Proud to know that I took classes with you and how you had sooo much work to do and how you didn’t know whether or not you could finish assignments or what have you. But this video lets me know that you was made for this, and there is no obstacle out there that you cannot tackle. I’m just so proud of you and glad to say that I know you..”That’s my friend!” ha lol Continue to keep God first and he will continue to pour down blessings again and again.

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