This Week

So this week has been a little busy and a little not-so-busy all at the same time. Early this week, I went to the control room for a while to watch the show. I ended up going across the hall to the graphics room to watch what they do. They are the people who put the CBS logo throughout the show, as well as the “Up Next” banners, lower 3rds (the name of the person on camera at the time)..things like that. It was pretty cool, but kind of slow because of how late in the show it was. They told me to come back the next day for the A block of the show, so I did. It was so hectic! There are so many segments back to back, so they had to work very quickly. It was pretty interesting. Not something I would want to do, but interesting all the same.

Yesterday, I went to “the basement” to watch the people put together the Eye Opener. The Eye Opener is the piece at the beginning of the show, that features clips cut together to show you “your world in 90 seconds.” That was so crazy! It got so intense, because the guys were waiting for pictures to come in from London, so they could add them into the piece. The person in London kept changing the time the pictures would be sent, adding to the stress of the producers.

They ended up getting the pictures about half an hour before the piece was supposed to air. They had to add the pictures, render everything, and send it off. After everything is rendered, and about to be sent off, one of the main producers for the show calls down and tells them that they have to bleep out a certain word–a word that was previously approved for air. It was very stressful, even for me just watching, lol. These guys are working with five minutes until airtime! They finally fix everything and realize there isn’t enough time to send the piece to the main producers, so they have to play the piece directly from the computer.

The editor was so upset, because they didn’t even get to watch it straight through before it aired. He kept saying “I can’t look, I can’t look.” He watched it though, haha. I think it turned out well, although they weren’t as convinced as I was. It was crazy being in there during all of that. So much shouting, so much cursing lol, but they got it done. That was a whole other side of things. And that’s actually the side I really like. I like the fact of having a deadline and just being under that stress to get it done. I don’t know, I kind of live on stress.

Today is my last day working 4am-noon. Next up is 10am-6pm, a regular workday. Not too bad, although I won’t be here during the show. But I’ve heard that this next shift has the most work to be done, so we will see. I did ask to stay on the 4am shift, but my supervisor said that I had to stay on my assigned shift, because it optimizes the learning experience -_-. But it should be cool enough, at least I’ll get some sleep.

Oh and I saw the back of Venus Williams lol; and met Terrance J (the host of 106&Park, and actor from Think Like A Man) in the hallway; and Elijah Wood (you know Frodo from Lord of the Rings) who came into the studio this week. He’s SO tiny, just itty bitty lol, but very nice.

You can check out the Eye Opener from yesterday here:;flexGridModule.

And if you’re reading this on July 13th, make sure to wish my mom a happy birthday! 🙂


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  1. Wow! Sounds hectic just reading But I’m sure ur learning a lot, which is always good. And you will probably enjoy ur shift much better now with the rest that u so desperately Everything sounds good though. 🙂

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