Awesome Time

So, today I was asked to help out with the guests we had booked for today’s show. Specifically, Tyler Perry. Soooo cool! I spent three hours of my life assisting Mr. Perry and his crew; everyone was very nice. Once he was ready, we took him down to the studio and he did his interview, which was great. Then, he went to do a private monologue (which unfortunately I can’t discuss, but just know that it was great!). And he was out the door! Oh and I also got to be in the presence of Arianna Huffington! Amazing.

It was so cool being able to do that. I got to see a whole other side of the show’s production, a side that I had never even thought about. I really like doing what I did today. It was a lot of fun, and to make things even better, the lady who was overseeing me said I did a fantastic job. She even sent someone an email about me :). And, I thought I was just doing what I was supposed to do, lol. I’m so glad that I did well, and hopefully I’ll get this oppurtunity again.

Rewind to yesterday… I watched the show from the Control Room, which is totally hectic during broadcast time. It was so energetic and a little chaotic, but fun to watch. That gave me a view of the “behind-the” behind-the-scenes! It was crazy! And thrilling. I am loving this internship more and more each day. I really like this early shift (as I knew I would), because I get to see everything that goes into making the show, as it happens. This is only day 3 and I’m already in love with it. I’m gonna try to extend this shift to the end of the summer, instead of just the next few weeks. Hopefully, that works out. Because, this is absolutely awesome!

Oh, and I told Gayle King that I loved her shoes, lol. Classic me.

Seth McFarlane is scheduled to come in, in a little bit. I’m going to try so hard to get a peek at him lol. Most people who know me, know that Family Guy is one of my favorite shows. Well, he’s the guy who does most of the voices for the show. He’s also Ted from the new movie… Ted.

Peace out and thanks for reading!

Picture courtesy of CBS This Morning



  1. Awesome week!

  2. Man what an amazing feeling it is to have that kind of approval when all you were doing is what you was told to But maybe that’s just it, they wanted to see if you could follow instructions, and you did that down to the tee.:) Good job Court. And how awestruck i would be to meet the people you have met….so far. Glad you’re enjoying yourself!

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