Another Week Down

Last week was reallllllly good. We were down a couple of interns, due to a group project, so I ended up doing a whole lot more stuff. I transcribed a couple of videos (listening to it and writing down what was said), screened some movies for important quotes, and I did a good amount of research. It was a really good week. We ended the work week with an intern softball game! That was really fun. And I actually hit 4/4, surprising myself, lol.

Saturday, I went to Coney Island. So much fun! We rode the rides and people watched. It was the perfect day to see some interesting things. It happened to be the Mermaid Parade, which is half mermaid, half Mardi Gras. That was interesting to say the least. But, it was a really good time. I have to go back to hit the beach though :).

Today, my shift changed, and I am now working the early morning shift! Which means waking up around 3am. Today, we didn’t have to come in until 6am so that’s a little better than 4am. Anyhow, I found out that Starbucks opens at 5am, so I should be just fine.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to sleep until about one… My body isn’t used to going to bed that early. So I’m thinking what’s going to have to happen is: I sleep from like 4pm-midnight or one or two in the morning, and just go to work from there. That seems to be the only reasonable way for me to sleep. Because going to bed at 7pm is just not going to happen for me lol.

So far (realizing that it’s only 8:30am), I’ve searched for and located a magazine, that I got halfway to picking up in a cab, and then I was called back because a copy was found haha. And I’ve seen the studio actually in use. It’s really nice to see a different side of the studio and process of the show at this hour. Things aren’t as hectic as I expected, minus the magazine situation, but it’s pretty cool. I keep walking by the studio in awe of seeing people in there and the lights on and Gayle King and Charlie Rose sitting at the desk. 🙂

More later… And here’s a complilation of pictures from Coney Island.

Coney Island ’12


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  1. Another successful week in the books. And you fiiinally got the shift you wanted….no complaining! lol Enjoy! ha

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