Rundown of My Second Week

Sooooo, last week was pretty cool. Besides the things I already wrote about, I had archive training…which, basically just teaches me the system of how to find certain footage that is stored in our archives.

Then, the interns had a speaker, and she basically told us the do’s and don’t’s of social media. The biggest thing was no opinions when it comes to politics, because it can be taken as the viewpoint of CBS. Boooo! That’s like the hardest thing for me, lol, but oh well. I’ll live.

Thursday night I ended up staying at the station til almost midnight! I went with one of my Associate Producer people to the edit room to see how that all works. That was pretty interesting. I mostly just watched someone play with Avid, which is awesome because I love editing– and Avid is a new system for me to learn. After the editing was finished, they ended up giving me this tour of a lot of things I had yet to see. I went to BET, and then to the local station’s floor. That was pretty exciting. I’m going to have to frequent that place, so I can see the newsroom and watch them in action.

Friday was another slow day. Most Fridays will be, just because there is a separate crew for the Saturday show. So, I updated my resume and started trying to find another internship for the fall semester. Gotta keep busy!

My weekend was great! Helped out at the park for my uncle’s basketball camp, then went to a graduation party in Philly. It actually didn’t take a long time to get there, surprisingly! And then Sunday: Father’s Day. My daddy flew in :), and we all went out to eat (after the annual Father’s Day basketball game my uncle always plays in, of course).

Today has been a pretty busy day for me, which I absolutely love! I started out in a meeting for tomorrow’s show. Then I had to find a book at any bookstore in NYC. I found it, and then I literally had to find it… as in hop in a cab and go pick it up. That was so cool!

My shift has two people out all week, so I’m kind of excited to pick up the slack, because that means even more stuff for me to do around the office, yay!

P.S. Check out this picture. It’s one of my favorites.



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  1. Wow! Your life up there sounds super exciting. Annd you’re learning a lot and getting lots of experience, especially with people being out. I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself. Keep it up!

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