Did It!

Okay so, Terrell was back in the office, for the third night this week. Third time’s a charm, right? Correct!

I spoke to him, and told him that it was a goal of mine to talk to him because I really like his dedication and his work. He was really nice. And very helpful and insightful.

He kinda gave me a quick little “where do you want to be” question run-down, to get to know my passion and long-term goals. He basically told me that I’m on the right path, and he gave me a few tips of advice. He is definitely cool people.

He told me that he’s always around and never to hesitate if I have any questions for him. I plan on taking full advantage of that.

Check this out: this guy is a correspondent for both CBS This Morning AND the Evening News. So, he basically doesn’t sleep. Ever.

Terrell Brown is nothing less than a fantastic journalist. Total role model! 🙂


1 Comment

  1. Good job court! Got that go-getta mentality.

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