This Guy…

Terrell Brown. I saw him in the studio yesterday, as I was leaving out for the night. I will meet him. I’d seen him a few times on the show, when watching it before heading to work, but I wanted to do some research on him before actually speaking to him. Nothing worse than pretending to know about somebody, but really not knowing anything. And, there’s a bunch to know about this guy!

He is, to me, a news genius. And he also happens to be the youngest hired CBS correspondent to date. That says something. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of information about him, but the little that I found was amazing. Talk about dedication!

He is someone that I need in my life. And I’ve got open access to him…well, when he comes in the studio during my hours, at least. He is someone I need to meet asap. I will make that happen!

Check out this article about him, and see why I’m so hyped to talk to him:


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