My First Week… Accomplished!

My first week at work went well. After a few slow days, Friday was the day that I researched for about four hours! But, it paid off, because I ended up being the only person who could find any usable information on the topic we were researching. Go me!! Once I got off Friday (a little early, yay!), I was starving, so a couple of the other interns and myself went to TGI Friday’s, on a Friday! I think that’s a little extra dose of “winning,” lol. Then! We decided to go to Times Square, after midnight, like a true New Yorker. Oh, the things we saw that night lol. But it was a lot of fun, and so many people out so late at night.

Saturday, I helped out at my uncle’s basketball camp, NYC Bombsquad Classic. ( That was a good time. Later that day, I checked out the Big Apple BBQ festival or something like that. So many people, so much smoke, and free food…So it was okay! Then we went to the most upscale McDonald’s I’ve ever seen in my life! And the security guy kept trying to kick us out because we were laughing too loud..? -_- But it was the best spot to people watch, and we saw so many things to laugh at, how could he blame us? We left before we were escorted out, just kidding, but kind of.

Sunday, I spent literally the whole day in church. I forgot how long New Yorkers can stay in church. It was a good service though– my mama preached 🙂 And then we went to my grandmother’s church because she had a special women’s day service that she oversaw. She did a great job too!

And that brings me to today, back at work! So far, I’ve screened some tapes to find footage from the 80’s about the Berlin Wall. Interesting, to say the least, because it’s stuff from before I was born. Although some things remain the same… corny commercials, and the tums “theme song”– still the same since the 80’s lol.

I’m at work til 10 p.m. This shift is killing me; it’s so late. But it’s nice to be able to sleep in everyday. But, I am looking forward to the 4 a.m.-noon shift, because the show will be in action, and I’m excited to see everything that goes on behind the scenes as the show airs.

Well, thanks for reading and be on the lookout for the next one! 🙂


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  1. Good job on ur first week Court! And of course you’re a real New-yorker.haha I can only imagine the things u was laughin at while in that upscale Mcdonalds???lol Glad you’re enjoying yourself. And beee patient…that early morning shift will come soon

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