Wandering Has Its Perks

Today was deemed a slow day in the office. After asking a couple of times if there was anything I could do, and being told “not at the moment,” I decided to see what the other departments were up to.
I ended up in an edit room for 48 Hours Mystery. The people were SO cool and welcomed me. They asked about my major and which department I was interning for, etc. Then they told me about what they did there and the different aspects of production for their show. Very cool info! They told me about the important people for their show and how things used to be done, until they revamped their system to make it easier. Also, I learned that the guy who basically ran the room was a former intern! There is hope! 🙂 But it was a very cool experience!
On my way back to CTM, I also stumbled upon the control room *wide eyes*. Unfortunately, you have to schedule a tour to be allowed inside. So my next mission is to contact the lady and get inside that control room!

This is so exciting!



  1. Hey Court – Court. Following your blog. Wish I were there! You look so cute and professional on your badge lol…Awww


  2. I’m so glad you’re having a great time! Hope you enjoy the rest of your experience!

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