The First Weekend & Orientation

This weekend was a lot of fun. I went out and got to meet all of the other interns; I went to Chinatown; and just got my place set up.

By Sunday night, I was extremely excited, and a little anxious. I picked out everything I planned to wear (which of course changed a little bit, lol), and then just tried to relax so I didn’t over-think anything.

Orientation was cool. I found out my hours, which are 2pm-10pm for the next couple of weeks, and then the hours rotate. I’m really excited about this internship and I’m looking forward to being able to sleep in for a few weeks, lol. But I’m more excited to get the 4am-noon shift, because I’m working with the morning show, it’ll be prime time and I feel like I’ll get more hands-on experience. But I know that either way, it’ll be a good time and great experience! I’m really excited.

On another note, riding the bus to the station was a mess, because it decided to rain the minute we stepped outside. :/ Luckily, that was no indication of how the rest of the day would be. With the exception of my shoes. Oh my gosh, my shoes were terrible. They squeezed my feet from every angle and direction lol. Good Lord, that hurt! So I’m on a quest to find some way-more-comfortable and still cheap shoes for work. Good luck to me on that one.

While at orientation, we got a tour of some of the different places. We got our guide to show us where the 106 & Park studio is, right before a soundcheck for the taping. Apparently, we’ll be able to get free tickets to that, David Letterman, and just about everything else. This internship has its perks, beyond the obvious.

I even got my “so official” CBS badge, complete with my name and picture and everything. I finally have this feeling of, “Oh wow, I work for CBS.” It’s awesome!

I’d say it was a good first day! And I can’t wait to learn and get to working, starting tomorrow!
P.S. Check out the picture below.



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  1. Can somebody say…Hired! ha lol You look perfect for the job Court! (tears) lol

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