On my way…

I am buying my ticket tonight. Speaking of which, only $120 from Atlanta to New York! Jumping on that before it goes away. I still have lots to do before actually leaving. I have to go shopping, for business clothes of course, and other things… 🙂

Which I can’t wait to do! Since the internship is paid, they are sending me a little advance so I can buy my ticket and do whatever. I choose to buy new clothes. I must be fashionable in New York!

I also have to buy a softball glove -_- My internship coordinator told my fellow interns and I that we will be playing a few softball games this summer. That should be fun! I was almost on the softball team my senior year of high school, but that’s a whole different story.

That’s it for now. Peace out



  1. I feel like a proud big sister! Can’t wait to hear about all the stories that won’t make it on the blog 😉

  2. Court,
    You are going to do great. I am so proud of you. Teela

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